Weekly classes

If new Covid restrictions prevent you from doing your class you can transfer to an on-line class, or receive a credit note or refund.

The themes offered by Sharon Munro

1st Term:
Feldenkrais for your well-being

Begin the new season with this series which focuses on the pleasurable experience of doing the lessons. The enjoyment begins by slowing down and taking time for yourself. It deepens as you nurture your nervous system in ways that allow you to transform stiffness and pain into ease and comfort.

Release yourself from the grip of stress and discover new ways of moving, being in the world, learning and relating to yourself.

2nd Term:
Improving upright posture and balance

Moshe Feldenkrais did not like to use the term posture which he believed gave the impression of too static a position, the body being organized like a post. He coined the term acture to mean a position in the sense of a point of balance from which to move easily in any direction without preparation.

One criterion for good posture could be: how easily can I act from this position? We’ll explore lessons around this theme in lying, sitting, standing and walking.

3rd Term:
Exploring the space

Let us consider space, both external and internal. Space surrounds and inhabits us.
Spatial awareness allows us to gauge where we are in our environment; our distance and relationship to objects and people. It also gives us an understanding of the orientation of our body and the relationship of its parts to each other. The ability to mentally represent direction, depth, size, shape and distance are key to being able to move safely through space and to make beautiful well-coordinated movement. We will explore some exciting new ways of perceiving space and getting a better sense of spatial orientation.

The themes offered by Kai Schaper

1st Term:
The intelligent spine III

Observe how flexible and agile children can be and compare this to how you perceive yourself. Generally, our own stiffness and pain have less to do with our age and more to do with our habitually repetitive movements or simply with our lack of movement. In the third part of this series on the directions of movement of the spine, you will learn to what extent the mobility of your ribs and vertebrae benefits your back.

2nd Term:
The movements of the arms

Mobility and force may be the two main things we ask of our arms. Mobility means independence of movement while power stands for the connection with the rest of our body. Whether we play the violin, are a martial artist or sit at the computer, we need both for the proper functioning of our arms. The variety of ways in which we can use our arms becomes evident when we watch children play. Luckily these abilities remain available to all of us.

3rd Term:
Relaxing your neck, jaw and face

The exercises in this course will teach you to alleviate the unnecessary tensions in the neck, jaw and face which accumulate due to physical or mental stress, or which occur simply due to the habitual use of these parts. Reading, speaking, singing and even breathing can become more effortless. Careful… your smile might become more radiant!

Dates and locations

In Toulouse

MondayWith Sharon Munro

2 pm/3.15 pm

Centre Culturel Bellegarde, Salle Verte
17 rue Bellegarde, 31000 Toulouse (métro Jeanne d’Arc)

7 pm/8.15 pm

Espace Feldenkrais
70 boulevard Deltour, 31500 Toulouse (bus L1, L8, 23, 37, 51)

TuesdayWith Sharon Munro

10 am/11.15 am

Espace Art et Mouvement
7 bis rue Idrac, 31000 Toulouse (métro François Verdier)

12 pm/13.15 pm

CAES du CNRS, Salle de Réunion – 14 avenue Édouard Belin, 31400 Toulouse
Cours réservé aux agents du CNRS, de l’UPS, de l’UTS, de l’INRA et de l’INSERM

TuesdayWith Kai Schaper

3 pm/4.15 pm

Espace Feldenkrais
70 boulevard Deltour, 31500 Toulouse (bus L1, L8, 23, 37, 51)

WednesdayWith Sharon Munro

7.30 pm/8.45 pm

Espace Feldenkrais
70 boulevard Deltour, 31500 Toulouse (bus L1, L8, 23, 37, 51)

ThursdayWith Kai Schaper

6.30 pm/7.45 pm

Espace Feldenkrais
70 boulevard Deltour, 31500 Toulouse (bus L1, L8, 23, 37, 51)

ThursdayWith Sharon Munro

7 pm/8.15 pm

Centre Culturel Bellegarde, Salle Verte
17 rue Bellegarde, 31000 Toulouse (métro Jeanne d’Arc)

FridayWith Kai Schaper

10 am/11.15 am

Centre Culturel Minimes, Salle 6
6 rue du Caillou Gris, 31200 Toulouse (métro Minimes)


Awareness Through Movement™
The weekly classes are spread over the school year. Choose between the yearly price and the term price or pay for single classes.

The yearly subscription is payable in three parts at a preferential rate. At the beginning of each term one of the three checks will be cashed. 
If you wish to do a bank transfer, please pay the full amount in one transaction.

Yearly subscription

Centre Culturel Bellegarde, Espace Feldenkrais, Espace Art et Mouvement, Centre Culturel Minimes

Number of classes (1h15): 33

Price: 381 €

Payment: cheque (3×127 €) or bank transfer (381 €)

If you wish to know the cost or to enroll in a class at the CNRS, please contact CAES du CNRS.

The price of the quarterly subscription changes depending on the number of classes in the term.

Quarterly subscription

1st Term

Number of classes (1h15): 11

Price: 138 €

Payment: cheque or bank transfer

2nd Term

Number of classes (1h15): 14

Price: 175 €

Payment: cheque or bank transfer

3rd Term

Number of classes (1h15): 8

Price: 100 €

Payment: cheque or bank transfer

Occasionally, it is possible to replace a class that you have not been able to take part in. If places are available, you can participate in another class taught by the same teacher.
Please note that if your class does not take place due to a bank holiday you may be invited to join another group.

Single classes

Number of classes: 1

Price: 14 €

Payment: cheque or bank transfer

You have the possibility to pay for one or several classes.

Yearly membership fee

Price: 5 €

Payment: cheque or bank transfer

The payment of a yearly membership fee of 5 € is obligatory. It should be paid separately. The membership fee can be paid after a free trial class (weekly classes only) or after an evaluation (if you are doing individual sessions).

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