How do we learn the Feldenkrais Method™?

The method provides two ways of engaging in the same underlying process – group classes and individual sessions. They each take a slightly different form and you can choose which of them suits you best.

Awareness through Movement™

In group classes, called “Awareness through Movement™” (ATM), you are in a lying, sitting or standing position and the practitioner is guiding you verbally.

The lessons are highly structured and in them a global movement is often broken down into a sequence of smaller movements. Each new movement can be repeated and explored enabling you to become familiar with it. You can use your awareness to release chronic patterns of tension, to sense how different joints and muscles are involved and to improve the quality and coordination of the movement.

You can reach a better understanding of how these elements work together to form a harmonious pattern of movement, which you can use in everyday life.

Functional Integration™

An individual session, called “Functional Integration™” (FI), is the one-to-one approach. You are invited to formulate a request reflecting a particular interest, concern or difficulty.

The practitioner might make some observations before getting you to lie down on a low, padded Feldenkrais table. In the lesson your muscles are less active because the practitioner is producing the movements for you using gentle, precise touch.

While the practitioner explores the movement and relationships between different parts of your body he is relating to your request and helping you to make fine distinctions between your habitual way of moving and more varied and efficient ways.

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