The Feldenkrais online classes

In 2020, we introduced online classes. During the period of confinement resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic we offered six weekly classes via Zoom. We were very pleased with how diligently our members participated in virtually every class that we offered over a thirteen-week period.
Due to the rich use of language and the absence of a visual model in Feldenkrais classes we discovered that the quality of the classes was not overly compromised by the medium. There was still real depth to the exchange between teachers and participants and we all continued to learn.

While class together in the same space is the ideal way to learn the method we realize that some of you might wish to start or to continue with on-line classes. It might be that it’s difficult for you to leave your home, perhaps it’s your schedule that’s the problem; or maybe you live in a geographical location that makes it difficult for you to meet us.

We are happy to provide a small selection of online classes which we hope will meet your needs. It actually means you can join us from anywhere in the world!

Not sure how to go about it? We’ll make it as easy as we can.

➝ The themes addressed in these classes can be found in the Weekly Classes section

How does it work?
You can join the class using your computer, tablet or smart phone.


You will need to download the free Zoom program or app onto your device ahead of time.

You are not required to create an account with Zoom to use the app.

We can send you a guide to installing Zoom if you phone us or write to us via the contact page.

Choose your class and its frequency. You can take part in a single class or follow a weekly class for the entire term or year.

The themes addressed in these classes can be found under Weekly Classes.

After you have enrolled you will receive an invitation for the class you have joined via e-mail. You can join the class up to 15 minutes before it is due to start.

Click on the link provided; authorize Zoom access to your video and audio and you will be greeted by the host.

Weekly classes
7 pm/8.15 pm
With Sharon Munro
12 pm/1.15 pm
With Sharon Munro (This class is in English)
6 pm/7.15 pm
With Sharon Munro (Class reserved primarily for employees of the CNRS, UPS, UTS, INRA and INSERM)
The times are indicated in CET (Central European Time), GMT+1.
If new Covid restrictions apply to “live in-person classes”, the number of online classes will increase.
Awareness Through Movement™
The weekly classes are spread over the school year. Choose between the yearly price and the term price or pay for single classes.
The yearly subscription is payable in three parts at a preferential rate. At the beginning of each term one of the three checks will be cashed.
If you wish to do a bank transfer, please pay the full amount in one transaction.
Yearly subscription
Number of classes (1h15): 32
Price: 393 €
Payment: cheque (3×131 €) or bank transfer (393 €)
If you wish to know the cost or to enroll in a class of the CNRS, please contact CAES du CNRS.
The price of the quarterly subscription changes depending on the number of classes in the term.
Quarterly subscription
1st Term
Number of classes (1h15): 12
Price: 165 €
Payment: cheque or bank transfer
2nd Term
Number of classes (1h15): 11
Price: 151 €
Payment: cheque or bank transfer
3rd Term
Number of classes (1h15): 9
Price: 124 €
Payment: cheque or bank transfer
Occasionally, it is possible to replace a class that you have not been able to take part in. If places are available, you can participate in another class taught by the same teacher.
Please note that if your class does not take place due to a bank holiday you may be invited to join another group.
Single classes
Number of classes: 1
Price: 15 €
Payment: cheque or bank transfer
You have the possibility to pay for one or several classes.
The payment of a yearly membership fee is obligatory. It should be paid separately. The membership fee can be paid after a free trial class (weekly classes only) or after an evaluation (if you are doing individual sessions).
Yearly membership fee
You wish to participate in the activities organized by the association.
Basic member
Price: 5 €
Payment: cheque or bank transfer
You wish to participate in our activities. You have an in-depth experience of the method, would like to contribute actively to the development of the association and attend our AGM.
Active member
Price: 10 €
Payment: cheque or bank transfer
You wish to participate in our activities. You are a Feldenkrais practitioner, would like to contribute actively to the development of the association and attend our AGM.
Supporting member
Price: 10 €
Payment: cheque or bank transfer
In case of financial difficulty, please contact us.