Monthly workshops

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Themes addressed in the monthly workshops in Toulouse with Sharon Munro

1st Term:
Sensing the skeleton

When Moshe Feldenkrais developed his method, he gave us the means to radically change the way we sense ourselves, and view our body and its movement.
One of the most revolutionary things that he did was to move the focus away from seeing movement purely in terms of muscle action and to recognize the largely neglected role of the skeleton.

In this course, you’ll learn about the incredible consequences of this shift in thinking.

2nd Term:
Moving from intention to action

Wouldn’t it be nice to carry out our intentions in the world with less difficulty? To observe that the result of our action is what we aimed at, rather than to feel compromised or confused about why we didn’t achieve what we wanted.

In this workshop we’ll use the Feldenkrais Method™ to become aware of the inner mechanisms behind action. We’ll discover how the subsequent unfolding of a movement, as well as the extent of its efficiency and ease depend greatly on the clarity of our intention and the carrying through of this into the first stages of a movement.

3rd Term:
Cage or spring? Discovering the rib-cage

The rib-cage is a part of the body which is often perceived as being rigid and unmovable even though its structure suggests quite the opposite. Stiffness in the thoracic spine and ribs can make us overuse other parts of the spine, such as the neck or lumbar region. As a result we may have pain in these areas. Reestablishing the flexibility of the rib-cage can be a means to free the breath and undo tension in the upper back and in the neck.

Themes addressed in the monthly workshops in Simorre with Kai Schaper

1st Term:
The intelligent spine II

The central axis of our body allows for both stability and flexibility. Our way of life often emphasizes the static aspect, while the variety of movement possibilities tends to be overlooked.

The aim of the Feldenkrais Method™ is to release us from the effects of limiting behavior patterns. In this second series about the directions of movement of the spine, you will experience how to develop more mobility without having to rely on increased effort or mindless exercise.

2nd Term:
Effortless standing and walking

What comes to mind when you think of standing and walking? The feet, the hips? What about your back?

The feet and legs are responsible for the “statics” in standing as well as for the “dynamics” in walking – but they are not alone. This course will clarify the use of the legs as our means of locomotion, and how they cooperate with the pelvis, trunk, spine and even the head and arms to enable us to be upright safely and to walk powerfully.

3rd Term:
The role of the eyes in movement

The influence of the eyes on our well-being is difficult to underestimate. Apart from the job of seeing – which is obvious if we think just of reading – they control or support several other activities. These may be less evident but represent the varied abilities of our eyes: maintaining balance, orientation in space, overall muscle tone and the quality of all our movements.

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Location and dates

In Toulouse

One Saturday per month, 9.30 am/12.30 pm: Centre Culturel Bellegarde, Salle Verte, 17 rue Bellegarde, 31000 Toulouse (métro Jeanne d’Arc)

2020 – With Sharon Munro

Term 1: October 10, November 14, December 5.

2021 – With Sharon Munro

Term 2: January 9, February 6, March 13.
Term 3: April 10, May 29, June 12.

In Simorre

One Sunday per month, 2 pm/5.30 pm: La Maison d’Arsène, chemin de la Paisselle, 32420 Simorre

2020 – With Kai Schaper

Term 1: October 4, November 8, December 6.

2021 – With Kai Schaper

Term 2: January 10, February 7, March 14.
Term 3: April 11, May 9, June 13.


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In Simorre

One workshop

Price: 35 €

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Price: 5 €

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