Monthly workshops

In Toulouse – The themes offered by Sharon Munro

1st Term:
Exploring the principles of the method

In the Feldenkrais Method™ improvement does not come through pulling, pushing or stretching but through a quite different approach.
Alongside the fascinating movement sequences that we explore there are principles that guide us: using attention, moving slowly, taking breaks, respecting our limits and reducing effort. So, what’s behind these ideas and why do they make improvement so easy?

2nd Term:
Relationships between shoulder-girdle and spine

The area at the base of the neck is an important junction where the cervical spine meets the upper dorsal spine and where the shoulder-girdle and rib-cage balance to provide support for the neck and head. Oftentimes, movement in this area is blocked compromising the position and movement of the head and neck.

These lessons will increase our awareness of these structures and improve their mobility and comfort.

3rd Term:
Developing the self-image

The method is based on the important discovery that we move according to the self-image. It follows that a faulty or incomplete self-image can cause or contribute to our movement difficulties or issues with chronic pain and injury.
Working with the self-image is at the heart of the method and underlies every lesson that we do.

In this course we’ll experience lessons which address this aspect of the work in a more direct way. This will give us a glimpse at our movement potential and show us that there is no limit to our improvement.

In Simorre – The themes offered by Kai Schaper

1st Term:
Moving from the middle

Both expansive and powerful movements require the use of the pelvis. It is the biggest bony structure of the human skeleton, and around it are found the strongest muscles. The pelvic area forms therefore our power centre and is the motor for many of our movements.
In order to fulfill this task the pelvis has to be able to move freely – the hip joints and the spine are the most important partners in this.

In this course we will explore the movement possibilities of the pelvis and experience the necessary cooperation with the rest of ourselves. It is only then that well-coordinated movement is possible.

2nd Term:
Bringing the ribs into movement

Holding yourself straight or sitting still for long periods of time can easily create tension in the back and neck. The fatal consequence of such a “frozen” posture is that other articulations can be overworked, with pain being the result. The idea of a movable chest, on the contrary, is that the ribs are pliable and the spine yielding such that breathing is easy and the head, shoulders and arms supported in their movement.

The course will lead you in this direction.

3rd Term:
An overview of the sitting position

This class is for all those who have difficulty with sitting in general, who find it uncomfortable to sit for longer periods of time or who feel stuck on their chair.

You will learn how to regain mobility while being seated and how to act easily from this position.

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Location and dates

In Toulouse

One Saturday per month, 9.30 am/12.30 pm: Centre Culturel Bellegarde, Le Petit Studio, 17 rue Bellegarde, 31000 Toulouse (métro Jeanne d’Arc)

2022 – With Sharon Munro

Term 1: 15th October, 19th November, 3rd December.

2023 – With Sharon Munro

Term 2: 14th January, 11th February, 18th March.
Term 3: 14th April, 13th May, 17th June.

In Simorre

One Sunday per month, 2 pm/5.30 pm: La Maison d’Arsène, chemin de la Paisselle, 32420 Simorre

2022 – With Kai Schaper

Term 1: 16th October, 20th November, 11th December.

2023 – With Kai Schaper

Term 2:15th January, 12th February, 19th March.
Term 3: 16th April, 14th May, 11th June.


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In Toulouse

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In Simorre

Price: 40 €

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