Sounder Sleep System

The Sounder Sleep System™ is a method of natural self-regulation for sleep disturbances.

It uses simple techniques that restore the natural breath, help you to counteract the influence of stress during the day, and induce sleep at night-time or when you wake up during the night.

The exercises that we practice consist of a variety of very small, slow movements of the hands or fingers synchronized with the breathing. They are easy to learn and integrate into daily life.

Dates and location

Saturday 21 november 2020, 6 March and 5 June 2021With Kai Schaper

10 am/12.30 pm and 2 pm/4.30 pm

Espace Feldenkrais – 70 boulevard Deltour, 31500 Toulouse (bus L1, L8, 23, 37, 51)


A single workshop

Price: 50 €

Payment: 1 cheque of 50 €

Yearly membership fee

Price: 5 €

Payment: 1 cheque of 5 €

The payment of a yearly membership fee of 5 € is obligatory. It should be paid separately.
The membership fee can be paid after a free trial class (weekly classes only) or after an evaluation (if you are doing individual sessions).

To validate your inscription, please print out, complete and return the form below with your payment.