After the summer break

An Open Door Day will be held on Saturday 14th September 2019. Come and meet our Feldenkrais teachers and participate in a free trial class. The program for the day will soon be available.

Our weekly classes begin again on Monday 16th September 2019.

Monthly workshops start in Toulouse on Saturday 12th October 2019 and in Simorre in the Gers on Sunday 13th October 2019.

Individual sessions are available by appointment.

This summer, activities for you, your family and friends!

The association will offer several activities as part of the program of visits, workshops and events organized by the Mairie de Toulouse this summer.
These classes and workshops will be held in the heart of Toulouse, in the dance studio of the Centre Bellegarde.

Feldenkrais Method™ introductory workshops
Monday 8th, Tuesday 9th, Thursday 11th and Friday 12th July 2019

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New Feldenkrais™ and Voice workshop 

Thursday 18th and Friday 19th July 2019. Read more

Sounder Sleep System™ Summer workshop

Tuesday 23rd July 2019. Read more

Still nothing planned for the May bank holiday weekend?

Why not make the most of the long weekend by taking part in an exciting Feldenkrais™ workshop?

Whether you are a keen walker, runner or have difficulties with walking, you can attend the 4-day workshop Improving Walking from Thursday 30th May to Sunday 2nd June 2019.

This work brings to light the pleasurable experiences we can have walking and introduces ways to help optimize movement.

For more information please consult the heading Other Workshops.

Coming soon! Feldenkrais et Voix

If you enjoy singing, would like to improve your spoken voice or breathing you might be interested in an intensive workshop called Feldenkrais et Voix. It starts on Friday 29rd March at 7 pm and finishes on Sunday 31th March 2019.

For more information please consult the heading Other Workshops.

Open Door Day: Saturday 22nd September 2018

An Open Door Day will be held on Saturday 22nd September 2018. Come and meet the teachers who work for our association and participate in free classes. The classes take place at 10 am with Kai Schaper and at 11 h 15 with Sharon Munro.